Thursday, June 6, 2013

First day of summer break! Or, as we call it, Thursday!


Today is the first day of summer break for our school district. Eh. It doesn't mean much around here. We unschool, which basically means that we believe that learning occurs all the time, not simply at arbitrarily set times.

Today the peeps have: finished the movie Free Willy and talked about orcas and the ethics of zoos/aquariums. Worked on Italian flash cards. Worked in the garden. Taken care of their pets. Read for fun. Worked online on math drills (this is one curriculum that we use. Generally, we follow whatever our passions are. That said, math has never been my strong suit. I found Math-U-See when our oldest was about 7, and I LOVE it. It's easy peasy to use, and I actually understand things that I never "got" before. I highly recommend this program!). Watched part of Harry Potter and discussed books vs movie versions of the book. Talked about fermentation and how the half-sour pickles we made worked out. Worked on blog projects including product review. Went swimming and discussed why rain made the pool cold. Talked about the tropical storm that caused the rain. Did their chores. Played dress up. Babysat. And the day is still young!

What did you all do today?

Warmest wishes,
Bella and Sugar

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