Saturday, June 15, 2013


Welcome! How are you today?

Today is questions about you! How do you handle summer? Do you "break"? Do you follow a district calendar? Do you travel? What does your summer look like?

For us, as unschoolers, we believe that learning is always occurring. We don't follow a school schedule or the district calendar. Every day, the kids read and work on Math-U-See and Italian. They generally do that early in the day. After that, they follow their interests. That might include: gardening, "breaking" apart an old lamp, cooking, shows on the History channel or Discovery, pet care, random internet searches, studying a found frog or snake- the possibilities are limitless. That said, if we have an appointment, or company, or someone feels under the weather, we may do nothing that looks like "school".

The funny thing is, even on these "off" days, the kids will tell us things that they are learning. It might be that they watched the elevator repair man at the library or read some bizarre facts on kidney functions, or discovered that washing oil from their hands is easier if they apply soap before water. Learning is all around, even in the summer!

Warmest Wishes,

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